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Only certain translators can produce a certified translation (also called sworn translation). This is because certified translations require a specific qualification and procedure. A certified translator is authorised by the court to translate a specific language combination. I am authorised by the Higher Regional Court of Hamm for the language combination English & German. Documents and certificates from countries where English is the official language which are required for official purposes must be translated and certified by a certified/sworn translator authorised in Germany. A certified translation requires a particularly accurate approach by the translator and there are several things that need to be considered:

To ensure that the translation can be easily compared with the original document, the layout of the original text should be adopted as closely as possible. The whole document must be translated, including the headers and footers of the original, inscriptions and transcriptions of seals and the reverse side with possible apostille. Logos, coats of arms, signatures and stamps must be marked in the translation. Omissions shall be marked and explained with a comment, and abbreviations must be resolved and explained too. Extract translations are only possible after consultation with the respective authorities. For producing your certified translation, I only require a copy of the original. This can be a PDF or a picture of the original document. You can conveniently send me both by email.

At the end of the translation, the translator confirms the accuracy and completeness of the translation (confirmation note) and affixes his/her round stamp and signature to the document. Finally, a copy of the original document is attached to the certified translation and is then ready for dispatch. Regarding the dispatch I recommend to use “Prio-Versand”. I will provide you with the tracking number of the dispatch and in case of a loss we are able to track the letter.

If you need a certified translation, feel free to send me the original document as a PDF or a clear and complete picture of it via email or use the contact form in order to upload your document. I will get back to you as soon as possible with a free quote and a delivery date.