“How much will my translation cost?” is a frequently asked and legitimate question. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a general answer to this.

The following factors affect the pricing:

Certified or basic translation?

– Word count of the document

– Degree of difficulty and type of text

– Formatting effort

– Delivery time 

Basically, a certified translation is more expensive than a basic translation.  A surcharge of 20% applies to express translations.

In order to calculate the exact price, I use a certain software to determine the word count. For this purpose, I need a clearly legible scan (PDF) of the complete original document in advance.

Note: The easier it is to edit the document, the less formatting is required.

It is not necessary to provide original documents as long as a good quality scan is submitted to me.

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Please also take this into consideration:

Contact me directly is always more adventageous than looking for a translation agency. Why? I am your direct, personal contact. I am always available, reliable and answer your queries quickly. I do not have any staff costs or high rent costs for a fancy office downtown that I have to pass on to your price. Although I am a freelancer, I have a network of experienced colleagues with whom I cooperate and exchange ideas. If you require any other language combinations, I can help you too. I am not under any time or profit pressure and I take the necessary time to process your orders accurately and with the utmost care. The customer and his wishes are always my priority.