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If you are considering or even planning to study abroad in an English-speaking country or to pursue further studies such as a postgraduate program, then you will need a certified translation of your “Abitur” certificate or bachelor’s degree. As an certified translator, I have the necessary skills to translate your degree or certificate professionally. In the following you will find some helpful information about the process of translating certificates and degrees:

According to the BDÜ (association of German translators and interpreters) guidelines, it is not the translator’s task to find the appropriate degree or grade in the target language. The translated certificate or degree will be graded in the target country either by the respective university or by independent evaluation bodies. Grades, degrees, or diplomas should therefore be translated as verbatim as possible. The information in the German online database Anabin can be used as a support and mentioned as a source of information in an explanatory translator’s comment. Education systems, grades and degrees are too different and thus it’s not possible to directly transfer them from one language into the other.

If you need a certified translation of your school certificate or university degree, please feel free to send me the original document as a PDF or a clear and complete picture by email or use the contact form in order to upload your document. I will get back to you as soon as possible with a free quote and a delivery date.