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The prices for not certified and certified/sworn translations are different. The reasons for this are explained below.

Official/sworn translations are used for submission to authorities and courts. Therefore, the translation must be very accurate and must follow certain rules.

The following 3 factors play an important role in pricing:

Volume, turnaround time and formatting.

There are usually 3 common forms of pricing:

  • Overall Price: If the word count of the scanned document cannot be accurately determined, if there are many seals and stamps in the document, if the formatting effort is quite high, a rough estimate is made and an overall price is determined.
  • Price per Word: For long texts such as contracts, where the number of words can be accurately determined, the number of words is multiplied by the word price.
  • Minimum Rate: Applies to short texts (often for certificates such as diplomas).

Postage and packing come additionally.

Why are certified translations more expensive than non-certified translations?

  • The translation and the source text should be as similar as possible in terms of font and format to make it easier for the authorities in the target country to compare the original and the translation. Working in the same format is often very time-consuming.
  • Blank columns and deletions should be marked and indicated. Fill in the blanks and use brackets.
  • Authority and court designations are retained and translated in a note below.
  • All fee stamps, stamps and official seals should be translated in a note.
  • All abbreviations shall be resolved and translated. Where this is not possible, a note should be included.
  • Spelling errors in the source text, if they are to be reproduced in the translation in the original spelling, shall not be corrected. However, they should be referred to in a note.
  • Any kind of deviation from the original must be noted by the translator as such.
  • Special training is required to qualify as a sworn translator of a higher regional court.

I provide certified translations for the language combination English-German of the following documents, among others

– Birth certificates

– Marriage certificate

– Certificate of no impediment to marriage

– Divorce certificate

– Registration certificate

– Certificate of naturalisation

– Passport or ID

– Letter of recommendation

– Employment certificate

– Driving license

– School report

– Bachelor’s certificate

– Master’s certificate

– Any degree certificates

– Certificate of good conduct

– Bank statement

– Invoice

– Rental agreement

– Commercial register entry

– Company contracts

and much more. If you have any further questions about prices or would like a no-obligation quote, please do not hesitate to call me, contact me via my website or send me an email.